We are Viviana and Ixiana. We are cousins and Caribbean queens with a love for food and nutrition.​ We grew up in the tropics, we called Puerto Rico and Antigua our homes. As children our world was filled with salty water, grandma's cooking, spices, fresh fruit, dinner at the table, pique, sofrito, tocino, lot's of love and connection to what we ate.  

As we grew we traveled and lived in different places taking a little bit of each place with us and always sharing our stories with each other. We are soul sisters and we always wanted to start a business together and change the world for the better. This is how Guava Kitchen came to exist.


Guava Kitchen is a fun cooking and nutrition educational resource for kids. It is a place where children can connect to food by learning and preparing meals that they can share with family and friends. It combines our passions for cooking, mindful eating, nutrition, and teaching.  We know food is not just about calories but also about culture, joy, love, nurturing, and connection. We also know learning to cook and learning about food is a life skill all our kiddos would benefit to have.


We want to bring families back into the kitchen

where they can grow, learn, and connect.

Guava Kitchen is about creating memories

and delicious and nutritious food.


Ixiana H Wilmot is a mom, hopeless optimist, author, nutrition specialist, and wellness alchemist behind Radiant Mami a wellness destination devoted to elevating mothers via nutrition, lifestyle, and inspiration.  Her book Radiant Mommy is a guide to stress management and creating a life full of vitality, joy, and health. She lives in Maryland with her better half, three boys, and cat but you can always find her on Instagram @radiant_mami. 

Viviana Nunes is a Chef who has had the opportunity to cook for restaurants in London, the Caribbean and the States after attending Le Cordon Bleu, London.  Her passion for cooking started as a child, where she discovered her love for baking and it took off from there.  She can’t wait to share her cooking techniques and recipes that will help anyone develop a great relationship with food and its preparation with a fresh and healthy approach. She lives in Virginia and loves gardening, art, and her fur baby Isa. She is also known as Aunt Vivi to her 5 super cute nephews.